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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> the president: chris stevens loved his work. 0 took pride in the country he served and saw dignity in the people he met. >> president obama opens his agrees to the u.n. with a tribute to the late u.s. ambassador to libya and bay area native, chris stevens. i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings.
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>> he called attacks that killed the ambassador and three others assault on the ideals on which the u.s. was founded and issued a strong warning to iran. >> reporter: the backdrop for the president's address to the united nations this morning was a flexing of military muscle in the persian gulf. -- gulf the president paid tribute to the four americans killed during the attacks in libya. >> the president: we must reaffirm our future will be determined by people like chris stevens not by his killers. today we must declare this violence and intolerance has no place among our united nations. >> reporter: the remarks at the u.n. this morning sent an unmistakeable message. >> the president: make no mistake a nuclear armed iran is not a challenge that can be contained. it would threaten the elimination of israel and the stability of the global economy. >> reporter: israel has
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threatened a airstrike against iran if the country does not halt its nuclear ambitions. iran says any military aggression by israel would lead to retaliation. >> iran at the end of the day is a great country and let me assure you we have all defensive means at our disposal. >> reporter: this morning iran test fired four missiles in the straight of harmoz. those exercises are being led by the -- you u.s. include other 30 other nations iran is threatening to shutdown the gulf entrance at the strait of hard-. it >> it -- it doesn't matter if it is imminent, expected, never, you want to be ready. >> reporter: the president says it is unacceptable because would it trigger an arms race in the persian gulf. t.j. winick, abc7 news. governor brown signed a bill that gives some comfort
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to a burlingame family whose 19-year-old son died in a car crash after a night of drinking on a party bus. >> reporter: we are here at the home where the parents just spoke with assemblyman jerry hill. they've been working together for the past two years trying to push this legislation. you can say today is a feeling of victory, but bittersweet for the lives that will be saved in memory of 19-year-old brett studebaker. in the shadow of the tree house their son brett helped build doug and linda studebaker embrace and fight back tears. >> i feel really honored to stand here and honor brett in this way >> reporter: in 2010, their 19-year-old son brett died after celebrating a friend's 20 first birthday on a party bus. at the end of night he ran into a wall alcohol level
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three times the legal limit. governor brown signed the law sunday. it will close a loophole in current law that holds limo operators, but not charter buses responsible for underaged drinking. >> we hope by standing here today through our efforts over the past two years, we can prevent another tragedy from occurring. >> reporter: party bus customers will need adult chaperone onboard. bus companies will be subject to a $,000 fine, license suspension or revocation if they do not comply. >> this build holds limousines and party buses accountable for underaged drinking. >> reporter: in his absence brett's parents know their son is helping save lives. >> that's the bittersweet part. we feel his presence everyday right now and he's gonna make a difference. >> reporter: in addition to the legislation the
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studebakers set up a collarship fund in emeryville in their son's name. sort -- two told celebration they say although bittersweet. the law goes into effect january 1st of next year. kira klapper, abc7 news. in contra costa county traffic still moving slowly on a busy freeway reports of a body on southbound 680 treat boulevard in walnut creek forced chp to close two lanes the incident reported after 9 a.m. brought traffic to a standstill ing a commute back-up. the sheriff's department is investigating. water main break in san francisco expected to be fixed in the next couple of hours. that pipe burst this morning. this is cell phone video of the mess it created. crews are trying to fix the break some businesses will not have water for a while. pair of quakes struck
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mendocino county this morning. magnitude 4.5 quake hit 8:15 a.m., three miles northeast of ukiah followed by a smaller 2.4 aftershock 10 minutes later, no reports of damage or injuries. in south san francisco a police officer who helped get three people out of a burning home overnight wound up going to the hospital with them. all four were treated for smoke inhalation after fire gutted a rental home on grand near chestnut. firefighters put the flames out no word on what caused that fire. novato police arrested two men suspected of stealing copper from a pg&e substation. a hole cut in the fence at the facility. police arrested one at the scene found the second two hours later. 11 people facing charges after protesting a deadly officer involved shooting in hayward. that took place one in the morning yesterday.
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police shot and killed a man they say reversed his car and aimed it toward officers. the man was want in an earlier shooting at the dirty bird bar. police say 50 to 70 put up roadblocks and pulled couches on to the road. judge refused to release napa state hospital from federal oversight due to ongoing problems. federal judge collins says she remains troubled by the death last spring of a napa patient placed in handcuffs in a prone position. the judge ordered further oversight to make sure the hospital is complying with recommendations against such restraints. continued federal monitoring is expected to last up to a year. the judge's announcement came on the same day she released three other california facilities from federal monitoring. right now san francisco's purple onion is selling 51 years of memorabilia today. the final show was last night.
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legends in comedy and music performed there business hasn't been good enough for them to stay open. everything inside is being sold. nfl responding to the controversial call that has fans talking. decide for yourself. a look at the call that sparked outrage and how much money went into the wrong hands and traded hands in vegas because of last night's play. firefighters in southern california thought they had upper hand on a wildfire. why they could be proven wrong today.
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nfl released a statement upholding the controversial ruling last night. it happened on the final play seahawks quarterback wilson desperation pass appears to be intercepted by a green bay defender. one official makes no call the other signals touchdown ruling the seahawks' receiver had simultaneous possession which makes it a catch and touchdown giving seahawks 14-12 victory. outrage was immediate. it was called a travesty and another blown call by the replacement officials. >> no way in a short period of time they can develop the skill set that is absolutely necessary to be consistent with officiating ago nfl game. >> most of the replacement
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officials are --ler division college even high school refs the regular officials have been locked out in an ongoing labor dispute. las vegas estimates 300 million dollars changed hands worldwide because of the call. serious and casual fans across the country are talking that play. many bay area fans sounded off on our facebook page. i was going for the seahawks to win not like this. the packers were robbed in all fairness. it is time to ask commissioner get the real refs back referringing to the replacement referees who made the call if you would like to share your thoughts go to firefighters are worried that a deadly southern california wildfire could continue to spread this afternoon it sparked san diego county this weekend and spread to 2800 acres already killed an 82-year-old man his home was one of 20 destroyed.
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firefighters have it about 55% contained they were getting an upper hand but very worried this afternoon's winds could restoke that fire. it is still cool. >> definitely quiet on the fire front here in the bay area. we have warmer weather on the way it won't come at the expense of those hot, dry winds that could bring fire our way hazy right now, good news flight arrival delays over at sfo, we'll talk about how much warmer it is going to get even out to the coast. plus, going green in the oakland school district. new program taking sustainability to a new level. >> why governor brown is heading to google headquarters today. the announcement that could have a
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oakland students earning a's in helping the environment. katie marzullo joins us from brook field elementary to explain how. >> reporter: there's plenty of reading, writing and
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arithmetic taught here. the students are also learning hands-on, how to care for their environment. the school day starts with breakfast in the 4th grade class. it is what happens after breakfast that is special. >> we just put our breakfast in the right bins that shows the pictures. >> reporter: no trash chance they meticulously separate waste in the classroom and in the cafeteria so that nothing goes to waste. >> they understand the environment stays clean and by composting and separating they help the environment. >> reporter: part of green gloves program. nearly half of the schools in the oakland unified district are participating and in doing so the district is diverting more than 41% of solid waste from the landfill. >> we take the scraps and take them to a recycling facility and create compost and return that back to the schools for
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their gardens. we close the loop. >> reporter: the students reap benefits in their gardens. the program is in its second year the district is predicting great growth in the future. >> very exciting. fun going out and getting the reception from other folks that they are interested in being able to sort out our waste. >> reporter: some have made homework out of it taking the concept to their families. >> me and my brother making posters on the bins. >> reporter: in case you had any doubts about the popularity. >> you enjoy the process of composting? >> yes! >> yeah, they seem to enjoy it. >> reporter: the different schools have their own programs in each case, waste management donates earth care compost and mulch. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> great idea.
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>> the sun has broken out. >> breaking free, no more cloud cover to worry about at least for flight arrival delays into sfo and starting to see a little sunshine at the coast. san jose clear a little haze around as marina layer more compressed and moisture in a smaller area it is going to be a little hazy from time to time. clouds back at the coast as we look southbound toward san francisco specifically ocean beach from mount tamalpais. live doppler 7 hd, spinning around and it is showing rather dry conditions. a little mist this morning, that was because the fog was so thick along the coast into san francisco and up into the north bay valleys clouds more prevalent along the coast than yesterday clearing out everywhere else. still in the 50s along the coast into san francisco, 60s elsewhere until you get to fairfield, antioch and livermore.
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salinas upper 50s, 62 gilroy. hazy sun today, coolest day tomorrow afternoon warm pattern later this week that stretches all the way to the coast. not a real strong offshore event and fire danger will not be heightened by the warming trend even though we will see warmer temperatures than normal at the coast. livermore, everybody else cooler than average, oakland your last day at 75° starting tomorrow average high is 74, today is the last average hottest day in oakland for the year. south bay mid 70s up to 82 los gatos. peninsula a lot of sun, real hazy, low to mid 70s, 69 millbrae partly sunny coast pacifica 59 daly city, more sun and mid 60s downtown south san francisco sausalito 67, 76 petaluma, near 80 everywhere
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else coast less sun than yesterday low 60s bodega bay and stinson beach all east bay shore low to mid 70s mid to upper 80s east bay valleys 80s morgan hill gilroy 73 santa cruz cool monterey, carmel, low to mid 60s. not hot in san diego they don't have an offshore wind for the firefighters to deal with there 8 still warm, 79 l.a. -- 78, still warm, 79 in l.a.. back home tonight national league western division champs are taking on the diamondbacks, 60°7:15, cloudy and cooler, 55 by 10:00, clouds dominant in the bay fog north bay a few clouds in the east bay valleys everybody waking up into the low to mid 50s tomorrow morning. two to four degrees cooler from the coast tomorrow, warming trend begins four to
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six degrees warmer thursday friday, saturday into sunday low 70s coast mid 80s bay warmest inland low 90s. nice string of warm fall weather. >> abc is about to make someone richer, we are giving away $49,000 to celebrate the october 18th, 49ers game right here. click the win $49,000 button on our facebook page in the middle towards the right at we'll announce the winner right after the 49ers take on the seahawks, i like to say beat the seahawks. i'm into predicting the weather not sports. >> maybe different refs for that game. governor brown heading to google headquarters in about an hour from now to sign bay bill that makes it legal for the company to test its robot
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cars on city streets. google has been testing the car that drives itself it put on a demonstration last spring with a blind man behind the wheel. the car was programmed using ghoul -- using google's technology. >> happening right now, -- >> representative of the british royal family visiting san jose. the queen's representative, deputy lieutenant of london here personally inviting the oak grove high marching band to london they are being asked to perform at london's new year's day parade in 2014 and star in two holiday events in italy. the band will have to pay their own way to get there, maybe you can help. their costs while in europe, will be picked up, very cool. >> they are pretty well-known. competition has started with a bang for this season's "dancing with the stars." >> we'll tell how is already
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-- coming up on katie barbra streisand talks about the surprising joy she felt hearing her son sing. >> i said jason, i have to sing with you. you have to be on my duets album. not only that, you have to come -- he's never performed live. >> he's going to be performing with you in brooklyn? >> wow. that is katie at three right here on abc7. then on abc7 news at 4, new state ban on dancing why one mother sued her kid's school over its father-daughter dances. then at 5, how a trucked bay
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area school district has turn things around those stories and more later today. tonight on "dancing with the stars" we find out which of the all-star couples is going home. >> the competition is so fierce the judges are giving half point scores. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> 7 1/2. >> 7 1/2. >> 7 1/2. >> last night emmitt smith and his partner sheryl burke tackled the cha-cha their score of 24 was enough to top the evening. >> 11 other couples are in the middle dead last pamela anderson and kr [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network,
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